All about desks - everything you need to know

The Lockdown situation has found many people working from home to maintain safe and healthy social distancing. This resulted in a lot of people racing online to find a desk that is fit and practical for their profession that lets them work productively from their living spaces. But a desk is much more than it seems, and there are many things to consider before making your purchase. Your home workspace needs to be inspiring; somewhere where you want to sit, and somewhere that you can easily separate yourself from your daily living environment.

So, what do you need to consider in a desk when working from home?

Desk Types

There are many variants of desk available, coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From compact fold-outs, through to large-scale workstations, every desk is different - but this also means that not every desk is suited to every person, especially if you are on a tight budget, or in a smaller living space.

Smaller spaces may benefit from a fold-out desk like the one below. These desks have a small footprint in a room, whilst also working as a piece of storage furniture when not in use - they are discreet and neat, but don't offer the biggest surface area, not to mention the continual folding away and propping out may not be practical if you use a lot of equipment on your desk. These desks excel for people who need some basic essentials to work, such as a laptop and a cup of coffee!

The next option would be moderately sized, freestanding options. these are the most traditional style of desk you have no doubt seen before - a rectangular shape, freestanding and simple, with some storage space included, with a desk area between 85 and 100cm wide. These are great for people who may need to have a desk set up at all times, with lots of space for books, stationery , a phone, desktop computer or other equipment. These desks are much more flexible but also require additional space in your home, so this is something  to consider.

The final option would be larger workstation-type desk spaces. with work surfaces of 110cm plus. with a wide range of storage options, shelves, keyboard trays and more. these desks are often the height of luxury, and make great statements in a home office space or living room, and are perfect for lots of equipment, such as the above but with additional peripherals such as a printer, graphics tablet and more. These desks are highly functional, super flexible and build to stay with you for a long time, but they are indeed the biggest options so dedicated study or office space, or larger bedrooms may be necessary

Best Material for a Desk

A desk should be easy to keep clean and tidy, but should also be a comfortable space to work. Prolonged time at a hard desk surface can be fatiguing, but a lesser material may warp or peel as time goes on. The best materials are metal for the frames, and wood or glass for the surface, as these provide a sturdy environment that is built to last. Glass can be great as it is easy to clean, but if you are using a desktop mouse, you will require a mousepad for them to work properly. Materials are also a stylistic choice - glass can look modern and sleek, whereas wood can be cosy but still contemporary - whatever your choice of desk, make sure these things are considered!

So if you have found yourself working from home, are setting out to work for yourself, or if you just need a productive space to work at home, ensure that you consider your requirements when it comes to space needed for work, space in your home, choice materials and general aesthetics - you need to feel inspired when working at home, and you need to be able to separate your home life from your work life as effectively as you can.

We have a range of desks available ourselves, so don't forget to explore our range to see if we have the right model for you!

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