Is my Keyless Entry Car Protected?

Many of you have asked us just how secure are your car keys when placed inside one of our anti-theft key boxes. 

Our range of faraday boxes has grown recently with the latest addition of our CEG-110 Wall Mounted Car Key Holder and we have put a lot of energy into making sure our designs are as secure as possible without compromising on style. As it usually is the case however, the effectiveness of any such product will vary based on many factors and types of use. 

To help you protect your vehicle as well as possible and reduce the risk of keyless theft we have put together a useful guide explaining how to test the effectiveness of our car key signal blockers and best practice for car key storage below.

How can I test the effectiveness of my Car Key Faraday Box? 

Keyless entry is a modern convenience that drivers appreciate. Thieves, however, have adapted their methods and can sometimes exploit this feature, putting your vehicle at risk of theft.

Understanding how to use your Anti-Theft Key Safe is crucial to ensure effective protection of your vehicle. Please read and follow these guidelines carefully.

Your Anti-Theft Key Store uses the principle known as a Faraday cage to prevent, or reduce the strength of, radio signals reaching to and from your vehicle keys when they are securely placed inside. The design of keyless entry and start systems vary by manufacturer, but you can measure the effectiveness of your shielding box by carrying out the following -

  1. Place your keys inside your Anti-Theft Key Box with your vehicle locked.
  2. Carefully close the outer flap and ensure no gaps are visible.
  3. Hold your Anti-Theft Key Store in one hand whilst touching your vehicle door handle (or wherever normally provides keyless entry). The vehicle doors should NOT unlock. If they do, check that your keys are fully enclosed within the Key Safe and no gaps are visible. Radio Signals are like water, they will find and escape through the smallest gaps.

If you are not confident that your vehicle is protected, and it unlocks whilst the keys are securely enclosed within the Key Store, you can then measure by how much it reduces the effective range of your vehicle’s keyless entry system. To do this carry out the following –

  1. Place your keys a small distance from the vehicle and take the usual action to activate the keyless entry system (for example touch the door handles) and confirm your vehicle unlocks. If not, move your keys closer until it does unlock.
  2. Keep moving your keys further away in incremental steps from your vehicle until such a time that the keyless entry system consistently does not unlock your vehicle, and note the distance at which the system ceases to operate.
  3. Try the same exercise again but place your keys securely within the Anti-Theft Key Store. This test allows you to gauge a measure of the effectiveness of its signal blocking properties.

Keyless Car Key Storage - Best Practice 

To provide the highest level of security for day to day use, follow the guidelines below.

  • Always make sure your vehicle keys are placed securely within the Anti-Theft Key Store, ensuring the inner lid is closed fully and the over flap securely pulled into place.
  • Place your Key Store at the furthest practical point from your vehicle, and away from external walls.
  • Check the effectiveness of the Key Safe on a regular basis by carrying out the tests set out above.
  • Should your Key Store develop any damage or gaps in the closing flaps, its effectiveness may be diminished.


As always, if you have any questions or queries, please get in touch and our friendly team will be more than happy to support you


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