Our CEG-10 Remote Control Caddy Design Philosophy

The Remote Control Caddy is the one that started it all. It is a simple accessory that has been done time and time again, with a simple design – a slim profile multi-compartment caddy capable of storing multiple remotes together, to save tabletop space and to enhance the clean look of your living room. But we looked beyond the fundamentals and saw a number of things wrong with what was out there on the market already; Some were big and bulky; some were incredible cheaply made and flimsy; The materials used were tacky.

We knew from looking at these that we could do better. We set out to make a remote control caddy that, although completely utilitarian in its function, was luxurious and well-built.

1. We took the existing design ideas and modernised the shape, with backwards-sloping offset side panels instead of a symmetrical ‘semi-circle’ or clunky square shapes.

2. We made sure that the holder was as smooth as can be, making it easy to wipe clean without lips or ridges to gather dust.

3. We made the compartment slats thicker, so they are much more rigid and do not bend. The outer walls have a foam cushioning underneath the external lining, offering extra protection that feels great to the touch

4. We added a steel base plate to prevent the remote control holder from falling over easily and to re-inforce the structure even further

5. We used high-quality soft-to-the-touch materials, including vegan-friendly leather and modern fabric finishes, in a range of colours from neutral tones through to vibrant hues.


These changes and improvements set our holder apart in a wide sea of cheap to make, flimsy caddies, and our interests paid off – Our CEG-10 classic is the highest-rated, most-clicked remote control holder on Amazon, with nearly 2,000 genuine reviews.

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