No More Lost or Damaged Remotes

Whatever Your Style or Requirements, Our CEG Range Has The Solution

We all experience the frustration of lost remote controls, not to mention the accidental damage from being stood on or being squeezed down the sofa. 

According to a recent survey by TV Licensing one in three households in the UK has at least 4 remotes. The ever growing number of devices under our TV's, from DVD/Blue Ray Players, Sky Boxes to Audio Systems and Games Consoles means ,even for the most organised of us, scattering them on the coffee table, side tables or the TV Stand. 

Our range of practical Remote Holder Storage Solutions continues to evolve and expand to deliver truly useful storage options to declutter any home or office.

1. The Original & Best - CEG-10

Our journey started with the Original CEG-10 Remote Control Holder back in 2012 -  the classic design accommodates up to 5 remotes in an easy to identify row and will be right at home on your coffee table or media furniture. With its compact dimensions and classy design it is designed to complement most living room furnishings.

We have worked hard at improving the design, materials and construction of the holder, introducing brand new, much stronger internal structure as well as new vibrant external finishes and fabric materials. The CEG-10 continues to be one of the most popular remote control holders in The UK and is available to purchase from many major retailers or directly from us here.

 Grey Remote Control Holder


2. CEG-10 Not Quite Big Enough For Your Needs?

We know some households will have more controllers than others and some of the remotes out there are particularly bulky (e.g the Virgin remote). 

Likewise for those of us who need a desk tidy rather than a remote controller, additional space is always welcome. 

Our CEG-30 Park & Charge has been designed with space in mind. Featuring 3 significantly wider compartments it will accommodate several controllers, but more importantly it is wide enough for large mobile phones and even tablet PC's. 

It even features a handy cable access port at the back for easy charging and to keep all your charging cables in place - ideal when used as a bedside organiser to stop all those cables and wires falling behind your nightstand. 

Just like its smaller brother, the CEG-30 features soft touch finish on the outside in a choice of Black, Brown or Grey and soft internal lining to protect all of your controllers and devices. 

Black Remote Caddy


3. "Do You Have Anything To Organise Games Console Controllers?" We Hear You Ask

And the answer is: Yes

Games consoles, whether that is an Xbox, PlayStation, Switch or Oculus VR, seem to have made their way into living rooms across the country more than ever before. And with them the dreaded controllers and chargers which, lets face it, are never put back inside the TV stand or cabinet after play time.

The answer? Our CEG-31 Play & Park. 

Designed as a home accessory, rather than a gamers display stand, the Play & Park will not look out of place in your lounge. Soft touch materials with contemporary Black or White finish and soft, curved lines will complement all your other carefully chosen furnishings.

And it is not style over function either. With 3 wide compartments, the CEG-31 will comfortably hold 2 controllers, headphones and one or two remote controls. More importantly, with 2 cable access points at the rear and routing channels between all compartments it will also organise your charging cables and allow you to charge all your controllers, using your own cables, whilst safely stored inside our holder. No more clutter on your TV Cabinet, sideboard or coffee table

 Games Console Controller Holder Black


4. Something for the Sofa or Armchair?

No problem. Our CEG-61 Sofa Remote Caddy is the perfect companion for your couch or sofa to store and organise your remotes, controllers and spectacles. It even has 2 handy drinks pads on top*.

Easy to install with handy Velcro strip to secure it in place, spacious with 2 deep compartments for multiple remotes and devices, the CEG-31 will be a practical and useful addition to any home. 

Finished in our signature soft touch, vegan friendly PU leather it is simple and easy to wipe clean, whilst soft touch fabric lining inside the storage compartments will keep all of your accessories safe and damage free.  

Remote Control Holder for Couch

*Take care when handling hot liquids and always keep liquids and glasses away from children.

5. Wall Mounted Option? We Have it Covered

Our CEG-11 Wall Mounted Remote Control holder is the perfect solution for smaller spaces where a free standing holder does not work or where you simply wish to have all of your accessories on the wall. 

It is perfect if you wish to keep your controllers and devices out of reach of children and away from coffee tables, further reducing the risk of damages or spillages.

Supplied with heavy duty adhesive for ease of installation. there is no need for drilling or mess. Simply peel off the protective sheet and place in your required position - always ensure the surface used to mount the CEG-11 is clean and damage free to ensure correct adhesion**

Featuring our soft touch, vegan friendly PU leather on the outside (available in black, grey or beige) with our signature fabric lining internally to protect your devices and controllers from scratches it will be a stylish addition to any home or office. The single, deep compartment is comfortably large enough for up to 4 remote controls, charging cables or even games console controllers. 

Remote Control Holder Wall

**Check suitability for use and positioning before application as the adhesive is intended for one-time application.

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