The premium take on an essential accessory – Exploring our CEG Range (Part 2)

After the successes of our Remote Control Holder, we expanded our range to be more versatile whilst keeping the same design principles.

The next product in the range was the CEG-30 Park & Charge - designed to offer the same functionality as the remote control holder for handheld electronics, coffee table essentials such as books and of course, remote controls.

The wider form factor means items can be stacked horizontally across three rows, rather than the narrower 5 compartments of the CEG-10. iPad models with dimensions up to the iPad pro will fit comfortably inside, or multiple remotes can sit next to each other. The compartments are deep enough to fit a decent-length novel inside (but maybe not Tolstoy!), and we added some cable routing points in the back panel to enable charging whilst your phone or tablet is inside.

Other interesting features we added include a weighted base plate, which serves to both reinforce the structure as well as prevent toppling with you devices in. The same ergonomic curve shape from the CEG-10 remote control holder is featured on the left and right panels, with a wrap-around panel forming the central section of the Park and Charge.

We had seen many iPad holders, iPad docks, tablet charging caddies' and other such products across various marketplaces, all which suffer the same design flaws - these mass-produced items are all duplicates of each other, with vey little variation in design or an un-developed idea. We wanted to approach the model with an entirely new outlook - different materials; different shapes; flexibility to use your own charger rather than a cheap, built-in one. We believed that a device to hold your expensive gadgets should be up to the task, finished with a premium flair and looks great in the living room - no flimsy plastics and wobbly parts.

Our Park and charge is hand made from start to finish, using vegan-friendly materials, robust framing, elegant stitch work, and a solid foundation for you to fit all your remotes and other items in safely. 

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