The TV Stand Lowdown: TV stands for Small Apartments

The TV is the focal point of the living room in most UK homes and apartments, so it is important to support your stand in a way suited to your living space.

Traditional-style low boards, media units and TV cabinets can be great for this, but for smaller homes, these larger pieces of furniture can be bulky and overbearing, often making everything else in the room feel very small or squashed together, and making a space feel confined.

Below we provide an overview of some fantastic alternatives to larger cabinets that you might not yet have considered for your  home.

Podium TV Stands

Podium TV Stands are a great option for minimalist apartments or homes with little space for a full-sized cabinet. The design features a simple upright column with a bracket to mount the TV, supported by a weighted base that takes up as little room as possible. 

above: ACC2710 Podium TV Stand - click the image to go to the product

A contemporary option is the PL2710 pictured above, with a weighted base trimmed with brushed aluminium and rounded edges for a safe, yet modern effect. An offset aluminium column leans forwards for a striking visual effect. This version looks great in contemporary spaces that cannot accommodate bigger furnishings, with the added bonus of an included cable management system to hide all wires tidily inside the column.


Another more simple option is the PL2800, which features similar design traits to the 2700, but with a thinner base and a perpendicular painted aluminium column rather than a slanted one, for a more traditional style that lets your TV stand taller in the room.


Both of these models are available with a column mounted shelf as the ACC2710 and the ACC2810, respectively. This presents a great option for people with TVs that will be used with games consoles or TV channel boxes. our Pedestal stands are regularly found in office spaces, conferences and more where a tv display is required but with very little space taken up

These pedestal stands are available in black or white as UK stock, but we also have a range of other colours available on a built to order basis - message us to find out more about our wide colour selection.

Corner Cabinet

Another option more inline with a standard tv cabinet is corner cabinets. This style is a trapezoidal shape rather than a rectangle, filling the corner space of a room rather than having a rectangular cabinet simply block the corner off completely. This design offers deeper internal cabinet space and keeps all of your wires and hardware safely inside.


If your living space is smaller or you just prefer a stripped back furniture look, then these are great options for you to store your TV safely in a style you prefer. Don't settle for bulky or old fashioned furniture!

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