Portable Espresso Machine - Nowpresso Gold Plus

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Portable Espresso Maker- Nowpresso Gold Plus

  • Fully-portable Espresso Machine - Enjoy barista-grade coffee, wherever you are.
  • Single-Button Operation for heating and extraction
  • Powered by a removable lithium battery
  • Convenient Travel Cup Attached

Now Includes:

  • 3 Tritan detachable cups.
  • 2 Neoprene cup sleeves, when attached perfect to carry capsules.
  • 2 Interchangeable Capsule discs designed for both Compatible Original Capsules and Compostable / Biodegradable Capsules.
  • USB Adapter US, AUS, EU & UK
  • Car Charger

The Nowpresso Gold Plus Portable Espresso Machine has been designed for at-home coffee lovers, on-the-movers and those who love the great outdoors - Allowing you to experience true coffee freedom, wherever you are.

This espresso maker is a one-button solution for everything it needs to do; simply fill the water tank, insert your espresso pod or pre-ground espresso coffee, and hit the button - the Nowpresso will extract your espresso with no manual work required.

The Nowpresso Gold has the fastest water-heating time of any portable espresso machine on the market, heating your water from cold to the perfect coffee extraction temperature in under 5 minutes. Our espresso maker has enough power to make 4 cups on a single charge from cold water - however, if you fill it with pre-heated water it can extract up to 200 cups.

The Nowpresso is compatible with the most popular brands of coffee pods and also comes with fillable stainless steel capsules, meaning you can use any ground espresso coffee with the Nowpresso Portable Espresso Maker. It's OLED digital display informs you of the Nowpressos battery level and its current status when making coffee (boiling, extracting etc.)

From top to bottom this espresso maker is engineered from premium grade materials to ensure it is robust and designed to last - all day everyday use at home, being bashed around in your bag, clipped to your hiking rucksack; it is watertight, waterproof, with two metal heating plates inside and a high-strength water pump on the inside capable of enough pressure to extract true, Italian-style espresso coffee.

Experience true coffee freedom, wherever you are.

The Nowpresso is the ultimate portable lightweight solution. It comes with a re-useable cup which clips onto one end of the Nowpresso - So whether you are commuting, working, at home or out in the open, you can now enjoy a fresh, perfectly extracted espresso, automatically made for you at the simple push of a button - No expensive visits to the coffee shop, no need to buy weak vending machine coffee - Just pure barista-grade extracted espresso, with a rich aroma and velvety crema

USB Adapter EU & UK included - for more information visit the nowpresso website.

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