RFID Signal Blocking Car Key Latch Box

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CEG-102 RFID Signal Blocking Keyless Car Key Box

  • Spacious Signal Blocking RFID Box for Keyless Entry Vehicles
  • Compartment Dimensions: W 17 x L  9.5 x H 7.5 cm
  • An elegant and portable design lined with RFID Blocking Material, and with a secure-close latch for added security

CEG-102 RF Signal Blocking Keybox - protect your vehicle from keyless theft whilst at home or at work.

Keyless entry vehicles are quickly becoming more popular due to their convenience - Unfortunately, vehicle thieves have identified this convenience as an opportunity to easily steal vehicles.

The CEG-102 Signal Blocking Latch Box has been designed to prevent this from happening; protecting your keys whilst at home or at work. The innovative internal lining acts as a Faraday cage that will block your car keys radio signal, protecting your vehicle from theft*.  The Sealing Latch make the box secure and ensures your keys are protected from letterbox/fishing rod-type theft, where a criminal may attempt to hook your keys through your letterbox.

The CEG-102 is practical and stylish, fitting tastefully into any home or workspace. We have utilised our experience in home & office storage accessories to deliver a classic storage design that is large enough to hold an entire bunch of keys, rather than just your car's keyfob. With its timeless design and stylish, textured PU leather finish with black fabric at the back, our CEG-102 never looks out of place.

Thanks to its optimal dimensions the CEG-102 can be used to securely to store wallets, credit cards and even spare change. Our innovative internal lining will also block your mobile phone signal allowing privacy whilst in meetings or at times when you do not wish to be disturbed.

Keyless theft is a growing concern for motorists across the UK.

It is carried out with the help of relay boxes which emulates the signal from your car key. This provides thieves with access to your vehicle without forced entry. Your vehicle can be driven away as if the key was present.

The CEG-102 is part of our family of stylish Home & Office Organisaing solutions (CEG) - browse all of our tasteful and discrete styles with convenient & practical designs for everyday storage for home & office.

*We have tested the effectiveness of the RF blocking feature on various manufactures models and when used in conjunction with the instructions for use supplied with the product, will block or reduce the range of the RF keyless function.

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