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RFID Signal Blocking Key Box, Park & Charge and Pocket Park XL Bundle

Keys, Wallet, Phone - the ultimate accessory value bundle

    • Contains  the Signal Blocking Key Box, a Park & Charge and the Pocket Park XL, for maximum storage and maximum value.
    • Use them separately around your home, or keep them together as an all in one complete storage solution
    • Keep your phone, wallet, keys, remotes, and other devices safe and together

Your desk won't keep itself organised, that responsibility lies with you. however, we'd like to help! These accessories can help you stay organised and look great in the process.

Featuring the Park & Charge, Pocket Park XL, and our contemporary CEG-90 Key Box, our Organisation Accessory Set covers all bases.

The key box prevents theft of keyless entry cars thanks to a unique internal lining that blocks your car keys signal. It also blocks phone signals, contactless payment and more, keeping your important items safe and preventing distractions from phone calls and notifications when in important meetings.

The Park & Charge organiser features three wide compartments, capable of storing everything from phones, remote controls, tablets, stationery, notepads glasses and more. It has a cable port at the back so you can charge your phone neatly, and the base is weighted so you can be sure the park and charge won't tip over with all your tech inside.

The Pocket Park XL is a simple tray designed to keep your wallet, keys, loose change,  and other pocket items together. The grippy felt base prevents scratches and keeps your items cushioned whilst the cutaway in the side helps with sliding loose change out easily. The Pocket Park XL provides you with one stylish, organised place to keep your most important pocket and bag items together, readily available for when you need them.

Both the RFID Signal Blocking box and the Park & Charge fit perfectly into the Pocket Park XL, with plenty of space left for your essential everyday items whilst taking up less space on your desk.

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