Single Ear-Piece Telephone Headset with Universal Connector - CEH-10

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Single Ear-Piece Telephone Headset with Universal Connector - CEH-10.

  • Hands-free headset compatible with most corded telephones with a dedicated RJ11 socket. 

  • Comfortable Single ear-piece design

  • Easy to use - Quick set up with easy to follow instructions.


High Quality, Universal, Telephone Headset

Performance, quality, ease of set up, and great value - they were our objectives when we first brought this product to market. Now several years on, with tens of thousands of this model in everyday use, and with satisfied users from call centres to 'talk and typing' business users, we continue to meet many business and consumers Telephone Headset needs.

If you work from home, have a small business, are a large call centre or simply wish to free your hands when making calls, the CEH-10 is the ideal companion for your corded telephone or telephone system. It offers universal compatibility at a great price. Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of a quality telephone headset without breaking the bank or having to buy a new phone.

Universal Connection - The CEH-10 will work with and connect to most types of corded telephones and telephone systems with a standard RJ11 socket. Also, with the supplied Universal Telephone Connector (UTC), it will connect and work with most standard corded telephones with and without a dedicated headset socket. *
User-Friendly & Feature Rich – The CEH-10 comes supplied with a quick disconnector (QD) which allows you to put your caller on hold while you disconnect your headset from your phone, reconnect and continue your call. Handy for moving away from your desk during a call. The microphone boom is fully adjustable and the headset can be worn on the left or right ear depending on your preferences. Using the supplied UTC, you can switch between your headset and telephone handset. You also have the added advantage of being able to mute your voice and ‘hot swap’ between the headset and your telephone handset.
Comfortable - Single-ear (monaural) design with a comfortable leatherette ear cushion and highly efficient 27mm speaker with Acoustic Shock Protection (ASP) to prevent hearing damage from unexpected loud noises (bursts).
Simple to use - Quick set up with easy to follow instructions and after purchase user support.
Highest Quality - All Connected Essentials headsets are manufactured to the highest standards.
Hygienic - Removable ear cushions and microphone shield.

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