Selecting your perfect piece of Media Furniture can be a complex process, as there are so many designs, colours and sizes to choose from. Our guide below includes key things to consider when buying a TV stand or a cabinet.
Please read through the guide to help you on your way.
If you need further advice afterwards then please get in touch with us – we will be more than happy to help.

Size & Dimensions

The overall dimensions of a stand or cabinet directly influence the number of AV components you will be able to store or display. Additionally, your size options will be influenced by the positioning of your TV at home – if your TV has to be placed in the corner of your room, you will most likely be looking for more compact or specific corner designs.  On the other hand, if you are planning to position your new stand or cabinet against a flat wall then your list of options will be significantly wider.

Our range offers one of the largest selections of cabinets for many circumstances – whether you are looking for a corner TV stand, an open design stand to display all your kit, a cabinet allowing you to hide all components or a completely bespoke configuration to match your requirements, we have it all.

Each of the products listed on our website includes a detailed dimensions diagram to allow you to make an informed choice, ensuring it will fit in your room and offer ample space for all of your components.

Will my TV Fit?

You will notice that our stands and furniture quote a maximum supported TV size in their product description. In most cases, this size is quoted for aesthetic reasons rather than the unit’s physical capacity – we recommend maximum TV sizes based on their overall width to ensure there is no overhang on either side of the cabinet once your TV is in place.

This is not the case however, for products that are supplied with an integrated bracket (cantilever stands). Each bracket we supply will have a maximum threshold for the weight of the TV it can support. This weight is based on our rigorous testing process and should not be exceeded.

Additionally, integrated brackets will have limitations in the maximum VESA configuration (distance between mounting holes on the back of the TV) they can support – please refer to the dimensions diagram on any of our stands to find out the maximum VESA supported.

What is VESA?

VESA is a universal TV Mounting standard and in simple terms defines the distance between mounting holes on the back of your TV. Most manufacturers quote the VESA specification of their TV's in catalogues and brochures. if you are buying a TV Mount or a TV stand for a TV you already own, you can easily measure the VESA yourself - simply look at the back of your TV and locate the mounting holes. Using a measuring tape, measure the distance between them. You will need 2 dimensions – Horizontal (left to right) and Vertical (top to bottom).

VESA is always quoted in the format of 2 numbers e.g 200x200. The numbers refer to the distance between mounting holes in millimetres (mm) with the first number referring to the horizontal distance, whilst the second refers to the vertical distance between holes. In the example above (200x200) the holes are positioned 200mm apart both horizontally and vertically.

As long as your measurements are within the parameters we quoted within the listing, you can be sure your TV will fit. 

Will it Fit in my Room?

Selecting Media Furniture that fits your room perfectly can be difficult, and requires a number of considerations:

  • Available space – using our dimensions diagrams, ensure the stand you are considering will comfortably fit the required space
  • Components size – if you are planning to store components on/within one of our stands, please check the available internal space of the piece you are looking at as this can vary significantly. When selecting an enclosed cabinet, please allow for some space between components and internal walls for airflow, as your equipment can overheat quickly in enclosed spaces with little ventilation. (See below for more information on ventilation)
  • Cabinet height – if you are planning to cover existing wall sockets, please measure the distance from the top edge of your socket to the floor and compare to our dimension diagrams to ensure the height of the unit is sufficient.
  • Manoeuvrability – will you have to move your stand/cabinet occasionally? If so, you may want to consider models from either our Mood or Studio series, as they feature hidden castors within the legs for easier positioning and movement.


When considering an enclosed cabinet, ventilation is one of the most important elements of your set up. Your components need to be able to “breathe” within the cabinet, and the higher the number of devices you have, the more air they require to remain cool and to work at their optimum.

For that reason, all of our cabinets have partially open rear with additional removable panels, to ensure sufficient airflow and air circulation.

If your AV set up requires further cooling, we offer cabinets with doors finished in speaker fabric or perforated steel. These porous materials combined with an open rear offer full back-to-front airflow, making sure all devices inside the cabinet stay cool and functional, always.

Cable Management

Cables are an essential (but messy) part of any system that nobody wants to see.

Whether you are looking at open designs or enclosed cabinets, all of our models feature cable management systems to keep your wires neatly out of sight.

Our open designs often feature cable channels routed through the core of the stand with useful clips to ensure your cables stay out of sight, whereas enclosed cabinets feature convenient routing channels between compartments and an open rear, allowing easy access to your wires whilst hiding them from view.

Controlling the Devices Inside your TV Unit

If you are considering purchasing an enclosed cabinet for your media set up, you may be concerned about the ease of controlling everything that has been nicely hidden away, as nothing would ruin the minimalistic styling of our cabinets than doors that need to be left open for your remote controls to work.

We considered this whilst designing or models and address this concern in one of 3 ways:

  • IR Repeater System – on models finished in solid wood or glass we supply a handy IR repeater system – a simple electronic device which is kept out of sight, but lets you control up to 6 devices hidden inside your cabinet
  • IR Friendly Glass – most of our cabinets will have the option of IR Friendly Glass Finish for the front doors – this type of glass allows full control of equipment inside without the need for additional electronic systems
  • Speaker Fabric – Just like the IR Friendly Glass, our speaker fabric doors allow full control of components inside the cabinet. Moreover, speaker fabric allows you to place your soundbar inside the cabinet without affecting its sound quality

Audio Performance

Can I Hide my Speakers Inside the Cabinet?

Many of our customers wish to hide their soundbars and satellite speakers inside their cabinet. This can be challenging if the cabinet doors are finished in glass or wood as they will inevitably disrupt the path from speaker to ear when closed.

To address this, we now offer Speaker Fabric or Perforated Steel doors across several of our models, providing the ability to hide your speakers and soundbars within the cabinet without affecting audio performance, and increasing air ventilation as an extra perk.

Ready-Assembled vs Flat Pack

Nothing spoils the experience of purchasing a new item of furniture for your home than the thought of assembling it. Time-consuming labour; Complicated assembly instructions; missing parts; potential damage; just a handful of annoyances that come with flat-packed furniture. – we have all been there.

For that reason, all of our media cabinets are supplied ready-assembled. That’s right: our factory colleagues assemble each model by hand, ensuring the finished product is of the highest possible quality, with minimal inconvenience to you. When you receive your cabinet, simply remove the packaging and your new purchase is ready to use. Assembling furniture by our experts at the factory ensures the highest quality for your peace of mind.

Our smaller TV stands are supplied flat packed; however, they are constructed from quality steel and glass components. This, coupled with the most minimal steps of assembly possible ensures your new furniture will not be difficult or complex to put together, and it will be ready to use in no time.


Choices, choices, choices…

We all have different preferences, needs and style requirements when it comes to TV & Media Furniture

From high-gloss or soft-touch coloured finishes to traditional wooden designs or fabric & brushed alloy, our furniture is designed to live in harmony with your home

No matter the style or size of your home, our range of over 15,000 options allows you to confidently create the configuration not just for any room, for your room.

Customising your Cabinet

The ever-growing number of boxes under our TVs creates many challenges when displaying or concealing the equipment.

Whether you prefer your components and media to be visible or hidden, our cabinets can offer flexibility, access and full control of your equipment. Integrated media storage, DVD compartments, flexible internal shelving, IR (remote control) friendly glass, acoustic fabric or integrated IR repeater systems, we have it all. Just tell us what your requirements are and we will help you choose a specification to match.

Business Use

TV screens are a valuable tool in meeting rooms, receptions and offices. Depending on where the TV is positioned, you may be looking for a minimalist raised design with no additional storage requirements, or a comprehensive cabinet solution to hide the installation and additional components.

Our minimalist, contemporary Plasma stands are suitable for modern office environments when additional height is required. Alternatively, our luxury and sophisticated Studio or Elements Series could be the perfect addition to boardrooms and executive offices. Whatever your needs, our wide range can offer a solution to any business.