Car Seat Gap Filling Cushions, Pack of 2, Black

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Car Seat Gap Filler, Pack of 2

As a driver, you will be fully aware of how frustrating it can be to drop your phone or loose change under your car seat. You will also be aware of how messy it can get under there over time, with snacks, fast food wrappers and soggy fries all getting lost under there - especially when you have children.

Our car seat gap filler is a simple accessory that will solve this issue quickly and easily. Simply push the slotted end over the car seat belt clip, wrap it around your car cushion tightly and securely, then stick it in place with the included self-adhesive velcro strip.

When in place, our car seat gap filler will tightly bridge the cap between your car door/centre console and the side of your seat, keeping your phone safely in place and preventing your pocket change from falling into the gap. They are made from Vegan-Friendly PU leather and are generously packed with a soft cushioning, meaning they are firm and will not slip out of place, nor will the filling begin to separate after long term use.

These pads hook over the seatbelt clip, meaning they move easily with your car and will not change position if you move your seat. These gap fillers are a universal solution and one size will fit most vehicles and will blend in with most vehicle interiors.

Each gap filler cushion is cm x cm x cm, (LxWxH) and comes with adhesive velcro strips to secure the car seat anti-drop cushion in place.

Part of the foam, fittings and materials range, check out our CEF-20 foam blocks which will protect your car doors and boot from damage when parked in your garage and driveway.

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