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CEP-30 Outdoor Mosquito Trap & Midge Trap

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Ideal for mosquitoes, midges and other human biting flying insects, The CEP-30 is a clean and simple solution to eliminate flying pests in your garden, with a compact and contemporary design for unobtrusive use in your garden.

  • Garden-friendly, most suited for outdoor use (The CEP-30 can be used indoors, but we strongly recommend not using the provided attractant indoors as it will attract mosquitos from the outside).
  • 240V mains powered with low energy consumption (12W) - supplied with a heavy duty weatherproof power supply for safe use outdoors.
  • Area coverage up to 500m2 in ideal conditions.
  • Supplied with an organic bait/attractant pack (30 days supply) to further improve catch rate. You can purchase additional attractant here

Ideal alternative to a bug zapper for mosquitoes, midges and other flying, human-biting insects, The CEP-30 is a clean and simple solution to eliminate flying pests, with a compact and contemporary lantern like design - it will not look out of place in any garden.

How do CEP Mosquito Traps Work:

Female biting insects require blood to nourish their eggs. They track down hosts by sensing the carbon dioxide, Ocetanol, moisture and heat from human breath, body odours and colour contrasts.
CEP Mosquito traps imitate all of these to attract insects into the trap. Once the insects are close by the fan sucks these into the catch tray so they cannot escape. The CEP-30 works by interrupting breeding cycles over a period of time to deliver a longer lasting solution.

How does it attract human-biting insects?

  • UV Light - Initial Light Attraction from the UV light
  • CO2 Emission - Simulates human breath - the UV light emits minimal amounts of CO2
  • Heat spot on top - Simulates blood temperature
  • Organic Bait - Attractant Simulates Human Scent - lure supplied with the trap will last for around 30 days (in normal use). You can purchase more here
  • Visual - Black finish of the trap makes it stand out in garden surroundings to attract flying pests
  • The internal fan then sucks mosquitoes and midges into a catching compartment, cleanly and quietly.

What to expect:

The CEP30 mosquito trap will begin to attract insects immediately; however, it may take 2-4 weeks of use to reduce local populations to the point that breeding cycles are interrupted. You may choose to discontinue the use of the trap at this point but subsequent re-infestation may occur, especially after short periods of rainy weather. 

Please note the CEP-30 is not an instant catcher or zapper. Please allow at least 5 - 7 days before you start seeing a reduction in flying pests in your garden. 

Take a look at a BBC News video demonstrating the benefits of using a mosquito trap that works just like our CEP-30. 

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