Grade A - Pocket Item Catchall Tray - Pocket Park

Size: Grade A - Pocket Park Catchall
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The perfect accessory for keeping it all together.

  • Base Dimensions: Regular, 23cm x 22cm | XL, 23cm x 27cm
  • Finished in premium vegan-friendly materials with a protective soft felt lining
  • Weighted design with cutaway for easily sliding change into your palm or charging your phone without bending your charging cable
  • Stackable Design for more storage options

  • Where do you empty your pockets when you get home?

    Keys on the kitchen counter? Coins on the coffee table? Wallet on the window ledge? 

    We are becoming busier and busier people every day. and if you lead a busy life it can be hard to stay organised. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, which is why we created the Pocket Park catchall tray - a designated space for your everyday items to stay together safely.

    Finished in stylish black Vegan-Friendly Leather, with a weighted steel padded felt base the understated design will fit in perfectly in the living room, bedroom or office.

    This simple catchall valet tray helps to stop scattering your essential items around the house, meaning there would be no need to frantically search the house for keys and phones when you are in a rush or late for work - they will be right where you left them!

    it also provides a great space to put smaller items that can clutter a work area - pens and stationery, wireless headphones, mobile phones, wallets etc. whilst still being in sight, rather than in a drawer which you may forget to check before leaving to do something important.

    Furthermore, the Pocket Park is conveniently stackable - use multiple trays if you have lots of things to store, and access items easily in each tray thanks to the cutaway section on the tray wall.

    The Pocket Park XL is the larger version of our Pocket Park – providing you with a compact space to store your day-to-day items when you don’t need them. What’s more, you can combine it with other accessories in our range. The Pocket Park looks great with our Remote Control Holder which provides storage for your TV remotes and even glasses, pens and other stationery. Perfect for an organised home or productive workspace.

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