Universal IR Repeater For Up To 6 Devices

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Our Infra Red (I.R.) repeater will allow you to control all of your devices without the need to keep the doors open.


Width: 10cm

Depth: 5cm

Height: 2cm

Delivery: Normally 2-3 Working Days

Have you ever had to leave your cabinet doors open in order to control your AV equipment inside?

Our Infra-Red (IR) repeater will allow you to control all of your devices without the need to keep the doors open.

You can easily connect up to 6 devices and control these using your normal remotes through the discreet Infra-Red "Eye" which you position in the sight of your IR remotes - ideal for all entertainment systems using IR remote controls. Perfect for modern, minimalist setups where the screen is the main attraction.

Suitable for use with all types of AV equipment with I.R. remote control feature.

    • Allows the user to use their remote controls with all AV equipment even when the equipment is out of view.

    • The repeater transmits Infra-Red (IR) signals from the remote control to up to 8 devices

    • Works with all AV devices as long as they have IR remote controls.

    • A discreet solution which is easy to set up and can be installed in minutes.

    • A highly recommended additional purchase for all Sonorous Mood Range stands and all other TV cabinets which do not allow IR signals to pass through.

Having Issues with our IR Repeater? Here's how it works.

Most remotes transmit control signals through an infra-red (IR) beam that is invisible to the human eye. This beam is directional, meaning you need to point the remote at your device.  The strength of the signal varies from device to device - some are very forgiving and work accurately, whilst others will require precise aim at the equipment’s Infra-Red receiving eye.

Our IR Repeater is designed to send the infrared signal to the inside of your closed cabinet where the signal won't reach when the door is closed, as the line of sight will be broken. It achieves this by receiving the signal through an ‘eye’ positioned on the outside the cabinet, normally below or at the side of your TV.

The sensitivity of the equipment receiving the signal varies with each device, so it may be necessary to check the location of the receiver on each of the equipment within your cabinet

Sometimes trial-and-error is needed to set up an IR Repeater. To test it is working, ensure that the remote is pointing at the receiving eye of the IR Repeater, not the equipment in the cabinet. It is also important to make sure all connections are pushed firmly into the repeater as this may affect its ability to receive the signal. Finally, the red light on the repeater will be triggered when it receives a signal from your remote - it does not signify that the product is working by being always on.

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